Susanne LaBarge, L.Ac., Dipl. of Acu.
Susanne has been practicing Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Herbs,
Nutrition and T’ai Chi Chuan for over twenty years.
Her attitude is one of an explorer. She realizes that without questions,
there can be no answers. So she is constantly seeking a deeper understanding and awareness of any situation that is presented to her.
As a very young child she announced that she was going to be a “Doctor”. She found an article on Albert Schweizter and was greatly impressed.  He became her role model.  As time came to go to medical school, she found that she was more inclined to practice a medicine that had the ability to work deeply on the root of the problem, not only the symptoms. This has been her lifetime passion. She started by prescibing herbs to her friends. Since that worked so well, everyone kept coming back to her with other issues.
Finally she entered the field of Eastern medicine. As any good explorer will do, she has kept up her search.  She even traveled with a small group of healers to the Amazon jungle, where they had the tremendous honor to study the ancient medicine of a tribe of native people. She was invited by a
cultural Anthropologist, who had been asked by the tribe’s Shaman to pass on their traditional medicine. This wealth of information, thousands of years old,  is passed on only by word of mouth, not by any written text as we do in our developed world. Needless to say, this experience greatly enhanced her perspective on what healing is really all about. She came to realize the depth of caring and commitment a true healer will actually
engage in.
Susanne is a keen listener. She has learned through much experience that
listening to her patients is the most crucial part of helping them. Having
an open eye as to what is behind the spoken word is a strong directing
factor for her. Many patients just know they don’t feel right, but, don’t
really know why or when they got off course. Susanne is great at detecting
the underlying issue to give confidence to each patient that the issue they
present with is resolvable.
Susanne has always worked with people who have been diagnosed with a
condition considered to be terminal. She really has a gift at connecting
with those patients, making them feel comfortable, safe and like they can
just open their hearts. There is much healing that happens when a person
feels safe enough to open up to someone. Susanne has the innate ability to create a warm and nurturing space in order to just be there for the patient, on whatever level is needed, at the time.